Company Name DFL inc.
Establishment July,20th 2011
Capital 7,000,000JPY
Representative Mitsunobu IYODA
Location Head Office
643-2, Yutaka-cho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu 431-3101
TEL:+81-53-432-6181 / FAX:+81-53-432-6182
Gifu Office
A201, 47-1, Soharamizuho-cho 3-chome, Kakamigahara, Gifu 504-0831
TEL:+81-50-5534-4499 / FAX:+81-58-380-2134
One’s Bankers MUFG Bank, Ltd. Nagoya Main office
The Juroku Bank, Ltd. Main office
Member Organizations Kakamigahara Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Gifu Pref. Conference of Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs
BNI SmileRing Chapter

PRICE(Not include consumption tax)

Logo Symbol 20,000JPY~
Logo Type 20,000JPY~
Motion Logo 50,000JPY~(4K unsupported)
Name Card(not include printing fee)
One Side 6,000JPY~
Both Side 12,000JPY~
Postcard(not include printing fee)
One Side 6,000JPY~
Both Side 12,000JPY~
FLYER(not include printing fee)
A5 Size/One Side 8,000JPY~
A4 Size/One Side 12,000JPY~
A3 Size/One Side 20,000JPY~
B5 Size/One Side 10,000JPY~
B4 Size/One Side 15,000JPY~
B3 Size/One Side 25,000JPY~
PAMPHLET(not include printing fee)
1 Page 12,000JPY~
Original Template 12,000JPY~
Slide Brushup / Page 2,500JPY~
Web(※PHP customization may not be accepted depending on the content.)
html / Page 12,000JPY~
WordPress 200,000JPY~
Shopping Cart 150,000JPY~
PHP Customization / Unit 50,000JPY~
Photo Movie
5min.(Up to 30 Photos) 15,000JPY~
Video Editing
1min. 12,000JPY~
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